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Stainless Steel has become one of the most sought after materials in fashion, no wonder why: It is superior to most precious metals in terms of durability and allergic safety. It is also very hard to work with, which makes the pieces offered on KIRSTEN SANDER JEWELLERY unique evidence of craftsmanship, especially when combined with gold, silver and stones. Stainless steel remains "stainless" if it contains at least 10 % chromium. This element reacts with oxygen from the air and forms an invisible surface layer which prevents further oxygen from "rusting" the surface. Most importantly for our our customers - is hypoallergenic - people with allergies can wear it !
Silver was known in the ancient world as argentum and was thought to be more precious than gold as it appeared less commonly in nature. Today it is the most common alloy used in silversmithing and jewellery making. Adopted under King Henry II as a standard alloy in 12th century England, imported refiners from the Easterling area in Germany produced a product of consistent quality, which became currency as Easterling Silver in 1300. Sterling Silver contains at least 92.5% (925 stamp) pure silver - like pure gold it is too soft and therefore alloyed, mainly with copper. 
Gold was discovered after copper and therefore probably the second metal worked by man - gold work can be found as early as 3000 BC. One ounce of gold can be drawn into a wire almost a mile long and flattened into a 100 square foot sheet. Like silver, too soft in its pure state (24k) it is alloyed with other metals to achieve the desired hardness, silver and copper are most commonly used. The relative amount of gold in an alloy is called karat - in the UK mostly sold is 9k (375 stamp = 37.5% pure gold) and 18 k (750 stamp = 75% pure gold) . Other countries use different karats, for instance Germany sells 8k (333= 33.3%gold) and 14k ( 583= 58.3% gold). You will notice that most of our steel / gold jewellery will have 14k details, as it was produced in Germany. White Gold is gold made of a more silver alloy and mostly finished with a rhodium plating. Again, mainly sold as 375 and 750 in the UK. 


Diamonds are all we sell ! No Diamond substitutes , zirkonias etc - just some diamonds ....

Diamond from the Greek "adamas"- unbreakable . You are buying a piece of universe , however minute ! Some crystals form beneath the subcontinental lakes of lava that make the earths mantle - the 2720 km thick mantle reaches from about 32 km beneath the continents up to the earths core. Diamonds require temperatures above 1200 (C and pressures typical at 240 km below the earths surface. Diamonds are, as ever, extremely desirable and were believed to render poisons harmless and drive away evil dreams, spirits and madness.